Make YOUR Mark

We get so concerned with short term distractions, personal issues, and just LIFE in general that we forget the things that truly make us feel happy. WHAT we do day in and day out, depends on outside factors…. HOW we do what we do is up to us…. but WHY we do it is a tricky one. makeYOURmark breaks through the questions no one wants to ask- What difference do YOU make? How do YOU want to do that? Most importantly: Why do YOU want to?

Life Genuinely gets lonely,  stressful, difficult, and CONFUSING. "We don’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitudes and perceptions about them"- Viktor Frankl. Making YOUR mark is about creating a chain reaction that starts with a choice you make with yourself… which changes you…. That change then resonates with others inspiring them to want to change… and so on. Imagine a community installed with such an INNOVATIVE mentality, the kind of environment YOU can create.

How will you change you community?

Is it one choice at a time?

is it conquering one FEAR at a time?

is it one relationship at a time?

is it love<3?

is it leadership?

is it…PURPOSE?


Whatever it is….. it starts with WHY?