"i am"


"I am" is about Taking Ownership Making Progress. 

A question often tossed around in schools and at home is 

"What do you want to be when you grow up?

Yet the question NOT getting asked is 

"What is the ONE problem in the world do you want to solve?"

First thing about this question is that it gives a unique perspective on the direction in which students, teachers, and leaders view success in their lives

Secondly (Most importantly) No matter the answer, every answer following is an answer with intention to SERVE!


In this Keynote/ Training:

Students, Teachers, and Leaders learn what ownership and progress means to them, articulate how to solve the ONE problem, and develop a plan of action for doing so!


YOUR audience will:

- Learn THE foundation of SERVANT leadership

- Understand the significance of applying ownership and progress in school, career, and personal lives

- Create THEIR map to personal lifelong fulfillment and happiness