Welcome to my first blog post! (October 2018)

As of October 2018 I am going to be posting monthly blogs to get ideas OUT and receive feedback from prospective viewers!

My name is Mark Perez and I am a youth speaker based out of Seattle, My thing is helping students find their one thing. The reason I do it is because I believe more than anything that when we remind people why they are here, united we make progress in the world and in our lives!

I have learned from many great authors my favorite being Simon Sinek by far! For my first post I will leave you with a list of the 7 best books that have changed my life and why!

7. Extreme Ownership (Jocko Willink)- If you want to adopt a winners mentality this is the book to read. When ownership comes naturally, problems get solved!

6. The war of art (Steven Pressfield)- There is not a better book meant to help you identify any creative struggles while simultaneously teaching you how to get around them, this book taught me that everything I dont want to happen WILL but also how to handle it!

5. The brilliance breakthrough (Eugene Schwartz)- If you want to communicate in a way people never forget you… HERE!

4. Start With WHY (Simon Sinek)- As mentioned my favorite author but the reason this one does not top the list is because another one of his books already does. WATCH his ted talk and you will FEEL the power of his words

3. The ONE thing (Gary Keller)- A lot of what I do is based off of his work and philosophy, simply a must read

2. Mindset (Carol Dweck)- Every human on earth is a student for life, learn the proper way to learn and you will be set for life

And finally Number 1!

Find your WHY (Simon Sinek)- We can learn, grow, and give all we want but none of that matters if we dont know why we are doing it! Its what gives our life purpose. I hope simon see’s this one day(:

I hope you enjoy and come back next month on the 21st!