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Better happens daily



"Mark Perez is a talented and insightful speaker. His message resonated with my students and inspired them to think about their legacy within our school and community. We're excited to see his message continue to resonate with our students and communities in the area!"

Ben Ballew - Arlington High School Leadership Adviser and English Teacher

“Mark Perez was able to engage my Leadership Class with his relevant stories and life lessons. He is relatable and affable, he dives right into the story and his sincerity and authenticity are appreciated by all!”

Johanna Phillips - Shorecrest High School Leadership / ASB Adviser


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Better Happens Daily

Someone somewhere in the world is experiencing life better today than they were yesterday. Even if it isn’t you anyone anywhere could be. It is a simple act of service to create that feeling of “Better” in someone else. Perhaps if you do it enough, maybe, just maybe they will do the same for you

What if YOU knew exactly how to create that in a way that is unique to you?

What if you had something special about you that totally reinvents how you serve others with what you already know?

What if you could experience life better with your burning desire by simply reminding others of theirs?

Imagine the culture shift your campus will have with this mindset! …

How does this work?:

Commit to your burning desire!…

Interested in knowing how?


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